Genette Irsik

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Genette Irsik

Genette Irsik
Master of Arts in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy specialization 

"I feel I am learning from the best."

Genette Irsik worked for 15 years as an Administrative Assistant to the President of Nazarene Bible College, where she also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology and Christian Counseling with a minor in Missions. She is a current student in the School of Professional Psychology at University of Rockies in Colorado Springs, CO, working toward her Master of Arts in Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a recipient of the 2012 President’s Diversity Scholarship Award.

Prior to pursuing her Master’s degree, Genette lived in California and worked at World Vision International and the child abuse prevention agency Childhelp USA. She wanted to work with the Native American population and was told by various Navajo that counselors – specifically marriage counselors – are in great need among their people. For this reason, Genette chose the Marriage and Family Therapy specialization. She says, “I desire to help people heal the inner bondages that keep them from fully becoming who they are meant to be. ”

Genette chose University of the Rockies because of their strong commitment to diversity, the balanced professor to student ratio, and the fact that she is able to do her practicum at the same site as her classes at the Rockies Counseling Center. She believes the professors are very respectful, open-minded, and accepting of the diversity among the students and says, “University of the Rockies has taken me further in my desire to be inclusive and accepting of all people. I am a better person because of this school, and this will help me in my future work. I believe University of the Rockies is an elite school. It has a good and respectable name. I feel I am learning from the best. I am proud to be a student here, and later, will be proud to be an alumna. I am loving it!“

Once she finishes her degree, Genette plans to move to New Mexico with her husband, where she hopes to work as a counselor among various tribes, both on and off reservations.
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