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Please be aware that successful completion of your University of the Rockies degree program does not guarantee licensure. Please contact individual state boards for information relating to licensure.

How Do I Get My License?

Requirements, as well as applications and fees for licensure, vary by state and profession. Basic steps to licensing required by the American Psychological Association include.

  • Doctoral degree in Psychology
  • The accrual of 1,500-6,000 supervised hours
  • Successfully passing the EPP exam
  • Successfully passing a jurisprudence exam, if applicable
  • Approval by a state licensing board

Why is My License Necessary?

In addition to enhancing your reputation as a certified professional, your license may be necessary to ensure:

  • Public safety. Licensure protects people from falling victim to unqualified, unsafe, and fraudulent practitioners
  • Quality assurance within your profession. Only those who meet the strict standards of the licensing process earn the right to call themselves professionals. Many states also require background checks for criminal convictions or other instances that may prevent a person from obtaining a license.

Helpful Resources

American Medical Association
American Counseling Association
Association of Social Work Boards
Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards
National Board of Certified Counselors
General State Licensing Boards for University of the Rockies


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