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Thank you for visiting the University of the Rockies faculty blog.

Your University of the Rockies academic faculty and administrative staff will periodically contribute articles focused on topics relevant to graduate studies, connecting to online students, topics of academic interest, current events, and more.

All of the University’s faculty have doctoral degrees, providing years of experience and expertise in their respective fields of study and practice.

You’re invited to summit with us, learning and growing along the way.

September 2018
Maximizing the Value of Your Professional Development »

by Dr. Jennie Walker, University of the Rockies Lead Faculty

August 2018
Elementary and Secondary School Choice Considerations »

by Rebecca Wardlow, Ed.D, Lead Faculty

July 2018
Mindfulness - Living in the Moment »

by Dr. Christine McMahon, Adjunct Faculty, and Sandra Rebeor, MSHS

June 2018
4 Steps to Identifying the Gap in Dissertation Research Projects »

by Vincent Giordano, PhD, Adjunct Faculty

May 2018
The Value of Group Assignments in Online Education »

by Christopher Summerlin, PhD, Adjunct Faculty

April 2018
The Discrepancy of Expectations for Online Faculty between Students and Institutions »

by Scott WM Burrus, PhD, Lead Faculty; Melanie Shaw, PhD and Meena Clowes, PhD, Adjunct Faculty

March 2018
It's Not Your Life's Work! »

by Dr. Larry Ellis, Adjunct Faculty

February 2018
The Personal/Organizational Values Ethics Connection »

by Dianne Weinstein, PhD, Lead Faculty

January 2018
Resolutions, Goals, and Plans…Oh My! »

by Dr. Tami Beaty, Dean of Master’s Programs

December 2017
Take the Stress Out of Graduate School »

by Dr. Gina Hernez-Broome, Lead Faculty

November 2017
Finish That Degree »

by Peggy Sundstrom, PhD, Lead Faculty

October 2017
Behavioral Health Deflection: One City's Solution »

by Dr. James Castleberry, Lead Faculty

September 2017
Six P's for Graduate School Success for New Online Students »

by Dr. Kristin Ballard, Lead Faculty

August 2017
Learning in Spite of Fear »

by Paul Greenberg, Lead Faculty

July 2017
Adapting to Canvas: A Lesson in Mindfulness »

by Eric Muenks, PhD, LMHC, Lead Faculty

June 2017
Send Your Kids to Summer Camp »

by Dr. Dallas Stout, University of the Rockies Adjunct Faculty

May 2017
The Importance of Networking »

by Dr. Tim Rice, University of the Rockies Lead Faculty

April 2017
Assessing Audio-Visual Feedback Effectiveness on Doctoral Students' Technical Writing Skills »

by Dr. Kenneth C. Sherman, Adjunct Faculty

March 2017
Real-World Impact Through Cross-Cultural Research »

by Dr. Jennie Walker, University of the Rockies Lead Faculty

February 2017
Achieving Person-Centered Education in an Online Environment »

by Dr. Irene Stein, Dean, Doctoral Programs

January 2017
Welcome to Scholars' Summit »

by Jeremy Moreland, PhD, Provost

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