Adam Grayson

Adam Grayson

Adam Grayson
Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership

“I know I will apply my degree within my practice every day.”

Adam Grayson, 35, is a firm advocate of life-long education. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the US Air Force Academy, a Master of Business Administration from Baker College, and is currently pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership at University of the Rockies. In addition to being in school, Adam works as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones.

“I decided to pursue my PhD because I wanted to sharpen my skill-set as a leader,” says Adam. “One of my goals is to be counted among the next generation of optimists and patriots, and continued education certainly furthers this pursuit.”

Larkspur, CO, where Adam lives with his wife, is only 30 miles from Colorado Springs. “Typically, I take one evening course and one weekend course each term. The convenient location was certainly a factor in my decision to attend University of the Rockies, but I also liked the concentrated program. After starting my courses, I was impressed with the student-instructor ratio and the personal attention I continue to receive. The University is exceptionally accommodating to the busy professional.”

Adam plans to graduate in May 2013. “I love my job, so after graduation I will remain in my industry and continue to grow my practice while incorporating the high-level processes I learn at University of the Rockies.” Additionally, Adam believes that, if he ever decides to pursue leadership positions within his firm, an advanced degree in Organizational Development and Leadership will improve his competency.

“To anyone considering University of the Rockies, I suggest speaking with a current student who has a similar background. Before enrolling, I spoke extensively with a professional friend who was attending University of the Rockies. His recommendation strongly influenced my decision to enroll.

“For me, this PhD program is the perfect capstone to my education,” continues Adam. “I am pleasantly surprised at how each course supports the professional and personal lessons I learned both in the military and in business. The program effectively weaves together many separate disciplines into a unified view of management and leadership. I am also pleased with the integrity of the school and the instructors, and I am already benefitting from my studies. I know I will apply my degree within my practice every day.”

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