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Cost of Attendance

Tuition & Fees

The following is a list of tuition and fees applicable to programs and/or courses offered in the online delivery format, effective April 1, 2018. Tuition rates and fees may change at any time without prior notice; however, students will not be charged retroactively for tuition and fee increases for coursework already completed or for coursework the students were in the process of completing. Indirect costs which are not billed directly by the University.

Non-Standard Term:

Master of Arts in Counseling – All Specializations

Full Time Tuition (per term) $3,900.00
Half-Time Tuition (5 credits or less, per credit) $1,300.00
Technology Services Fee^^^ (per term) $100.00
Practicum/Internship Fee (per course) $1,300.00
Graduation Fee+ $250.00
Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Fee $45.00
Transcript Fee (electronic)^ $6.00
Transcript Fee (paper)^ $8.00
Insufficient Funds Fee $10.00
Course Materials ++ (average per course) $200.00

++Required course materials may be updated on a periodic basis. Students retaking courses may find it necessary to purchase updated materials in order to meet course requirements. For courses where course digital materials are provided in lieu of textbooks, a Course Digital Materials fee is applied directly to the student’s account concurrent with the charge for tuition. Students are not charged the CDM fee for repeated coursework if previously charged.

+This fee is a requirement for all graduating students and pays for the final audit of the degree, one bound final dissertation, one official transcript, and the processing, printing, packaging and shipping of the diploma. It is the student's responsibility to pay this fee on or near the time the Petition to Graduate is submitted. The Graduation fee can be deducted from a student's financial aid disbursement if he or she has granted authorization on the Credit Authorization form. For students utilizing Military Educational Benefits, the graduation fee may be covered by the benefit payment.

^ Unofficial transcripts are available to students via the student portal at no cost. Transcripts (both unofficial and official) may not be viewed or released if a transcript hold is in place.

^^^Students in Practicum/Internship courses only are exempt from the Technology Fee.

Indirect Costs

In addition to tuition and fees owed directly to University of the Rockies, you may incur other costs while you are pursuing your education, which will not be billed by the University. The indirect costs that are part of the cost of attendance include room and board, transportation, and personal expenses, as well as loan fees, if applicable. These indirect costs are based on estimates using moderate standards of living set forth by the College Board. Each student's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is subtracted from standard costs of attendance to determine a student's financial need for purposes of packaging financial aid. An estimate of the allowance for these costs for a month is as follows:

UoR Indirect Cost (off campus) 
Room and Board (Per month) $1,103
Transportation per trip to campus to meet residency requirements (Online Doctoral Only) $N/A
Personal (Per month) $604

If you have any exceptional expenses, such as dependent care or disability expenses, that would require modifications to the standard cost of attendance budget, please contact your Financial Services Advisor. Please be prepared to provide documentation when you make your request for a modification.

Tuition Payment Policy

Your tuition and fees are due according to the terms and conditions of your selected Payment Option. An exception may be made if you have completed all required financial aid paperwork prior to the start of the term and your financial aid is significant enough to cover all current term charges. There will also be a limited exception for those students using tuition reimbursement, military tuition assistance or direct bill as their method of payment. For students taking advantage of their Veterans benefits, payment is deferred for the first 60 days of continuous enrollment in a degree program. You are responsible for the amount that financial aid does not cover and it must be paid in full on or before the first week of the each course.
Acceptable forms of payment are:

  • Cash
  • Personal check
  • Money order
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express)

You are encouraged to speak to your Academic Advisor if you are unable to pay the balance owed. University of the Rockies will withhold transcripts, degree verifications, and grade reports until accounts are paid in full.

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