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Doctor of Psychology, Sport and Performance Psychology



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This program is not intended to lead to certification or licensure.^

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Empower teams and individuals with advanced strategies designed to enhance human performance. This degree program is the pinnacle of performance enhancement education. While the doctoral curriculum is wide and diverse, your ultimate goal is to create actualization, awareness, self-mastery, and peak experience for both teams and individuals. Through advanced courses and seminars in human development, coaching, cultural diversity, and mind-body practices, you will perfect the techniques to make people more effective. With this ultimate degree, you will be well-equipped to work in academics, continue research, and pursue lead consulting roles in high-performance environments. Be your best when you specialize in performance psychology.

Please note: This program is not intended to prepare individuals for the practice of psychology (or counseling or related discipline) and does not lead to licensure or credentialing as a mental healthcare practitioner.

Degree Completion Requirements:

To fulfill the requirements for the Doctor of Psychology, Sport and Performance Psychology Specialization, you must successfully complete the following:

  • Program coursework of 62 credits
  • Attend in-residence weekends in Denver (Friday midday to Sunday midday - dates TBD) for courses ORG 7272, PSY 7101, PSY 7330. Please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about this in-residence requirement.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00
  • Dissertation requirements

Note: The date of degree conferral recorded on the student's transcript and diploma will reflect the date the student completes all degree requirements. However, release of transcripts, diplomas, and verifications for degrees awarded are contingent upon submission of an electronic version of the dissertation for binding, the Petition to Graduate form, payment of the graduation fee, and payment of any outstanding balances with the University.

For more information about on-time completion rates, the median loan debt of students who completed this program, and other important information, please visit

Licensure Information

^The Sport and Performance Psychology Specialization in the Doctor of Psychology is not a licensure program and does not prepare an individual to become a licensed psychology professional. University of the Rockies does not represent that this program meets certification or licensure requirements in any state. It is the student’s responsibility to review any state certification or licensure requirements in their intended field of employment.

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