Ernest Hogan

Ernest Hogan

Ernest Hogan
Master of Arts in Psychology, Executive Coaching Specialization, 2010

"University of the Rockies met my needs and exceeded my expectations!"

Ernest Hogan, 43, of Kansas City, Missouri is a Case Manager, which means he works with adults who are “seriously and persistently mentally ill.” He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ashford University, and recently completed his Master of Arts in Psychology online from University of the Rockies. When asked why he chose a career in psychology, Ernest explains, “The study of psychology is, in my opinion, about understanding people. Understanding and helping people has always been a huge component of my character.” Psychology as a discipline and as a career just made sense, and Ernest is one of the fortunate few who can say he has a job that he loves. His goal is to help others reach the same level of satisfaction. “Long term, I’d like to continue working with people and helping them manage and overcome life’s challenges.”

Ernest came to University of the Rockies in part because of his undergraduate experience with University of the Rockies’ sister school, Ashford University. “Pursuing a Master’s degree was always part of the plan. Ultimately, I chose University of the Rockies because I had such a great experience with Ashford. One phone call was all it took. The service was great then, and has been since - the decision to attend was a no-brainer.”

In addition to feeling comfortable with the administrative aspects of the University, Ernest was impressed with the academic offerings, and specifically the coaching component of the program. “I plan to start a non-profit aimed at coaching and counseling young people who are at-risk or are missing the necessary guidance and support to realize their dreams. I would also like to work with adults who have similar issues related to figuring out what they want to do with their lives, or with managing career changes.” Once the non-profit is up and running, Ernest would like the opportunity to write. “I have plans to write a book - I suppose it would be considered self-help - and I would also like to write fiction.” The training he received at University of the Rockies has given Ernest the necessary knowledge and credentials to accomplish his goals.

In October 2010, Ernest completed his last class at University of the Rockies. He was proud to have the opportunity to visit Colorado Springs and walk across the stage to receive his diploma. “One of the things I have enjoyed most about my experience with University of the Rockies is that it has been consistent. Growing up, consistency was lacking in my world; I have grown to appreciate it in my life. Rockies has been consistently challenging, and my interactions with all of the instructors, advisors, financial aid specialists, and other students have been great. I am grateful I had this opportunity and would recommend it to anyone. University of the Rockies met my needs and exceeded my expectations!”
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