John Murch

John Murch

John Murch
Doctor of Psychology, Organizational Leadership Specialization

"Teaching online will provide purpose and meaning to my life after I retire from the Postal Service."

John Murch, 58, of Zephyrhills, FL began his educational journey in the 1980s, earning his Associate's degree from Vincennes University in 1986. At the time, he was a US Army Certified Instructor at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, IN. Ten years later, John had retired from the military, was delivering mail for the US Post Office, and had earned his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Covenant College. By 2003, he was working as a retail clerk for the Post Office in Cleveland, TN, and was once again a graduate: he had earned his Master of Arts in Organizational Management from Tusculum College.

In 2005, John moved to Florida, where he currently works as a Data Collection Technician for the Postal Service. The job requires him to travel all over the Tampa, Suncoast Postal District as he collects statistical data. John is also enrolled in University of the Rockies' online Doctor of Psychology program. "My desire to obtain a doctorate degree," John explains, "is rooted in one motivation: to teach at the college level and share my experiences with others.

"What attracted me to University of the Rockies was the emphasis on applying intellectual theories and concepts to an individual's life experiences, and how doing so will make an individual better prepared for helping or coaching others. This is what I enjoy about the Rockies program - we talk about our experiences as they relate to the theories we are studying. My wife and her love of Starbucks' Espresso Double Shot has been an illustration in two of my papers so far!"

John is nearing the end of his coursework, after which he will move into the dissertation phase. He plans to focus his research on how work and social teams increase organizational effectiveness, and says the Organizational Leadership specialization has proved to be a perfect fit for his interests. "If you want to develop an appreciation of the feelings and beliefs of others, and to be a leader who will make a difference, then the Doctor of Psychology, Organizational Leadership specialization is where you need to be."

Once he graduates, John looks forward to helping young adults and professionals prepare for successful careers in the business community. "Teaching online will provide purpose and meaning to my life after I retire from the Postal Service."

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