Ken Fincher

Ken Fincher

Ken Fincher
Doctor of Psychology, Non-Profit Management Specialization, 2013

Dr. Ken Fincher, a father of four and new grandfather, had been working in the non-profit sector for about 25 years when he began looking for a doctoral program that emphasized non-profit management. "I came across University of the Rockies, and it had everything I needed in a program,” he says, adding, “I found the online format to be very convenient for me and my lifestyle."

After earning his Doctor of Psychology, Non-Profit Management specialization online at the age of 51 from University of the Rockies, Dr. Ken Fincher was promoted to Senior Vice President of the Texas non-profit Sears Methodist Foundation. (He also serves as Executive Director of the foundation.) The company provides millions of dollars in charitable care to the elderly each year.

"I needed to learn how to write and write in a manner that was convincing and that showed that I actually was a subject matter expert. My professional writing and my professional research – and my ability to be more convincing in what I do – came directly from my coursework at University of the Rockies."

The first of his family to have earned a graduate degree, he says his parents and siblings could not be prouder. He also notes that his doctorate degree gives him greater credibility with his colleagues – and with his children, who now know him as "Dr. Dad!"

"It’s just been a wonderful experience! I can’t say enough about the instructors and how dedicated they were and responsive they were to questions – particularly from someone who was older and maybe more set in his ways."

In closing, says Ken, "I think University of the Rockies, by extension, has really done a great job through me to help with the mission of who we serve, and that’s the elderly in Texas."

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