Elizabeth McPherson Botts

Elizabeth McPherson Botts

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Elizabeth McPherson Botts

Elizabeth McPherson Botts
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, 2007
Doctor of Psychology, Clinical specialization, 2010

"I have learned how to embrace my own passions. For this, I will always be eternally grateful."

Dr. Elizabeth McPherson Botts, 36 – whose friends call her Mac  – lives in Widefield, CO with her husband Bo and their three cats. She earned her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from University of the Rockies in October 2007 (when it was called the Colorado School of Professional Psychology), followed by her Doctor of Psychology, Clinical specialization in 2010, and she completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Colorado University Aging Center. Elizabeth is now a nationally certified counselor working as a part-time therapist for AspenPointe, a community mental health center in Colorado Springs, and starting her own private practice while completing her post-doctoral hours toward licensure in Colorado.

“After exploring many different doctoral programs,” she shared when we spoke to her in 2009, “I chose University of the Rockies because it is a small private school that offers classes at night. This flexibility allows me to continue to work while going to school. As another great advantage, the professors are also working in psychology during the day, and bring their experience to the classroom at night.”

While at University of the Rockies, Elizabeth’s research focused on sleep and the impact it has on human life. This interest led to her dissertation, "The Independent Influence of Anxiety on Insomnia and Sleepiness in Older Adults." She credits her “overwhelmingly empowering dissertation committee” for the fact that two abstracts from this work were published in the Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorders Research in 2009. Later that same year, Elizabeth presented her findings at the annual Sleep Conference in Seattle, Washington. Elizabeth has since passed the EPPP and earned her licensure as a psychologist in Alabama (she and her husband are considering moving there to be closer to family), and has earned her Level II EMDR therapist credentials.

“I continue to be amazed at the determination and resiliency of the students who attend University of the Rockies,” she said. “This program is not only academically rigorous, it challenges students to confront personal conflicts and resolve them. The growth we have experienced as human beings is phenomenal. I believe this lifelong learning will make for both a spectacular career and a fulfilling life.

“The classroom professors and clinical supervisors I have trained with at University of the Rockies have ignited a spark within me,” she continued. “These folks are the most passionate people I have encountered in my life. Through their passion for psychology, I have learned how to embrace my own passions. For this, I will always be eternally grateful. Overall, my experience at University of the Rockies has been quite remarkable. I have learned a great deal about life, professional practice in psychology, and myself. I am extremely grateful for my experience at Rockies, and I feel well prepared for practicing psychology in a variety of venues. Thank you, University of the Rockies!”

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