Career Services for Military Students & Alumni

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Career Services for Military Students & Alumni

The Career Services department strives to provide comprehensive assistance to all University of the Rockies students and alumni. The following specialized resources are available for military personnel:

  • Resume Review;
  • Cover letter review;
  • Job search assistance;
  • Interview preparation;
  • Aid in Veterans Affairs Office location; and
  • Links to sites serving individuals with military experience.


The skills you gained while serving your country are potentially transferrable to the University of the Rockies. For further assistance, see Military One Source.

Cover Letters

Just like your resume, you have transferable skills you can highlight in your cover letter. Remember to use civilian verbiage and leave out any details of active duty.

Job Search

There are job search sites geared towards incorporating military personnel back into civilian life, but you do not need to use these sites exclusively.

Write to to request career advice and guidance. When you send a message, please:

  • Attach your most recent resume; and
  • Tell us (in detail) how we can be of assistance to you as you conduct your career planning.

Helpful Links

Job Sites

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Service
USA Jobs
Civilian Jobs
Military Hire
Military Officers Job Opportunities (MOJO)
Gov Central

Additional Resources

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Today's Military

Continued Development Careers

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