Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission, Vision, Core Values

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Mission, Vision, Core Values

Career Services Mission

The mission of the University of the Rockies’ Office of Career Services is to empower students and alumni to discover, develop, and apply their unique talents to achieve their greatest career potential.

Alumni Relations Mission

Alumni Relations is dedicated to fostering life-long-learning for our students through a mutually beneficial relationship that utilizes social networking, regional events, and alumni programs to create a sense of community, belonging, and success.


The University of the Rockies’ Office of Career Services strives to empower students and alumni by fostering awareness of the professional development process as a dynamic, lifelong journey. We provide personal, high quality, and accessible professional development guidance and resources to students and alumni, and prepare them to pursue and achieve their professional aspirations.

Core Values

Career Services has a commitment to:

  • High Quality Service
  • Accessible Service
  • Preparation for Life Goals
  • Empowerment through Education

The Process

Did you know? Your career is more than just a resume. University of Rockies Career Services provides coaching and guidance that follows a seven step process focusing on career development.

Developing yourself and your career is an ongoing process that needs to be revisited continually throughout the lifespan of your career. It begins with an understanding of yourself and your specific career goals and then focuses on specific ways to pursue those goals and yield the best results.

One of the most important parts of the career development process is a commitment to revisit the steps on a regular basis to help keep you at the top of your game. By approaching career development as a holistic process, we can help you pursue the career path that best fits you and your goals.

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