Handbooks and Helpful Forms

Handbooks and Helpful Forms

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Handbooks and Helpful Forms

You've found the source for the forms and handbooks you may need as a student at University of the Rockies. Additional forms are also available in the Student Portal.


Applied Doctoral Project and Dissertation

Certification of APA Style Compliance
Chair Request
Oral Defense Evaluation
Request for Oral Defense
Request to Change Chairperson or Committee Member

Master of Counseling

Application for Counseling Practicum/Internship
Counseling Practicum/Internship Site Proposal
Counseling Practicum/Internship Site Agreement


Practicum Letter of Intent & Memorandum of Understanding

Registrar's Office

Area of Study Declaration - Clinical
Area of Study Declaration - Counseling
Area of Study Declaration - Human Services and Education
Area of Study Declaration - Psychology (Non-Licensure)
Area of Study Declaration - Organizational Development and Leadership
Completion of Certificate
Enrollment Verification Request
Official Transcript Request
Petition to Graduate Form - Master's Programs
Petition to Graduate Form - Doctoral Programs
Request for Recommendation


Applied Doctoral Project Handbook
Dissertation Handbook
IRB Handbook
Master of Arts in Counseling Practicum and Internship Handbook
PsyD, Clinical Practicum Handbook
PsyD, Clinical Specialization Internship Handbook
School of Organizational Leadership Practicum Handbook
Sport and Performance Psychology Practicum Handbook
Thesis Handbook

University of the Rockies Press Book Order Form
Interested in purchasing a book published by University of the Rockies? Visit the UoR Press page for information and links to each book.

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