University of the Rockies has proudly partnered with iGrad to provide you with life-changing financial advice that will help you make smarter spending decisions while planning for a career after you graduate.

iGrad is more than a money management tool, these 30-minute modules will cover multiple topics, including:

  • Graduate student loans
  • Financial health
  • Smart spending
  • Your paycheck
  • Credit cards
  • Credit reports
  • Banking
  • Identity theft
  • Investing

The iGrad site gives you the option to review articles, watch videos, complete surveys and online coursework, use calculators, access a personal finance coach, and participate in discussion forums geared toward improving your financial health.

Once you create an iGrad profile, you can customize your learning experience, adding information about your financial priorities and current career path. You’ll get access to free tools and personalized recommendations that will help you find your ideal job.

The iGrad website may also earn you valuable savings on your textbooks. You’ll earn a $150 book voucher for completing every three consecutive modules with an 80 percent passing rate. If you complete all nine modules, you can earn up to $450 in vouchers.

For more information, please visit iGrad or click to get Career Services support.

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