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Rockies Mobile


You're on-the-go and rely on your Smartphone to help keep you up-to-speed. The Rockies Mobile application for Android™ and iPhone® keeps you connected to the online classroom wherever you are. Also available for tablets!

Features Include:

  • Connect to your courses in the online learning environment
  • Read discussion board threads and reply to your classmates’ posts
  • View your grades and Instructor feedback
  • View and add a photo to your Rockies digital Student ID
  • Find contact info for key university support staff (Admissions, Student Services, and Financial Services)
  • View past grades and details for future courses
  • Access the Library, Writing Center and JPOC
  • Receive up-to-the-minute news and events
  • Easily identify posts made by you and your instructor(s)
  • View your financial Ledger Card
  • View Assignments, Instructor Guidance and Weekly Overview
  • Add an automatic signature to discussion posts and replies

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