Samuel Hickson

Samuel Hickson

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Samuel Hickson

Samuel Hickson
Doctor of Psychology, Mediation and Conflict Resolution specialization

"Every class has a new challenge and offers me something that adds to my knowledge and experience."

After working for several years in the health care industry, Samuel Hickson decided it was time for a change. At 42 years old, he began to wonder, "What do I truly desire out of life, what do I love to do?" For Samuel, it all came back to psychology. "I have always loved the field. After much deliberation and angst about the prospect of returning to school (again), I decided that I had to act or I would never be truly happy, and I am not getting any younger."

Of his dreams for the future, Samuel says, "Mediation and conflict resolution is an area that has a lot of potential outside of counseling. I have well over 20 years of business experience and see a tremendous need and opportunity for this type of expertise in the business arena.

"I have been working with many foreign companies the last few years and have noticed a need in industry, especially from an international perspective, for negotiators and conflict resolution experts. I believe there is a niche in the international marketing arena that could very well be filled by my expertise in both business and psychology."

Though he already held two Master's degrees, the possibility of earning his Doctor of Psychology degree represented the fulfillment of his life's goals. So with no small amount of trepidation, Samuel began to research graduate universities. He attributes his choice of University of the Rockies to his Enrollment Services Advisor, Joe. "His support structure and guidance were above and beyond what I expected. This was the aspect that truly sold me. He continues to be a fantastic help for everything that I need to be successful in the program." 

Now Samuel is enrolled full-time in his online degree program with University of the Rockies, and the experience has brought a number of surprises. "It was very difficult initially to get back into the habit of studying," he recalls, "and I almost gave up at one point. I was able to work through the difficulties and am learning and enjoying the program more than I believed I would. Many of the concepts and theories have surprised me by the level of thought and effort involved. I am more excited than ever to continue on this academic adventure!"

For anyone considering whether to enroll at University of the Rockies, Hickson has this to say: "Be prepared to work. Be prepared to learn. Corresponding with classmates through an electronic medium is different, but it's more effective than you would think. The electronic classroom is a fantastic learning environment, and University of the Rockies is incredibly responsive and proactive working with their students. "You will not be disappointed! Fulfillment is just a click away."

Now a pending graduate, Samuel is due to graduate in December 2013. Since beginning his degree, he has had a shift in his professional life. “I am now building an International Business vertical for my company, which means I deal with international commodities specific to trading and consulting.” In light of this shift, Samuel has also changed his specialization from Mediation and Conflict Resolution to International Leadership. He reports that his experience with Rockies has been enjoyable and challenging. “Every class has a new challenge and offers me something that adds to my knowledge and experience.”
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