Temeaka Gray

Temeaka Gray
Doctor of Psychology, Health and Wellness Psychology specialization, 2013

Dr. Temeaka Gray, a practicing nurse practitioner from Toledo, OH, was recently appointed a full-time faculty position in University of Toledo's College of Nursing. “That appointment was based on me actually earning my doctorate at the University of the Rockies. It occurred literally one month to the day that my program was completely over!”

Dr. Gray earned her Doctor of Psychology, Health and Wellness Psychology specialization, through University of the Rockies’ online platform. This format allowed her to greater balance other facets of her life, including career and family. However, she feels she got a lot out of the in-residency weekends that were built into her program, saying, “They provided an opportunity to get to know my classmates and my instructors. It was just an incredible experience!” She especially appreciated the diversity she encountered amongst her fellow students, noting that she felt particularly empowered by the fact that the institution has a president who is also a black woman (Dr. Charlita Shelton).

In her new role as faculty member, Dr. Gray stands before approximately 80 nursing undergraduates, and she works with students in the school’s advanced practice nursing program as well. Additionally, she was recently named a committee member on a student’s Doctor of Nursing practice committee. “It’s so exciting and sometimes overwhelming. I can’t believe that it’s actually me. It’s extremely exciting and to think that it happened as a result of actually completing my doctorate."

On her commencement day, Dr. Gray described how it felt to be achieving such a milestone in her life. “Personally, having attained this Doctorate; it’s a huge accomplishment, and I think I’m still spending some time actually realizing what that really means. Every time I hear ‘Dr. Gray’ it’s so monumental – like, ‘wow they’re talking to me!’ It’s incredible.”

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